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Emerson-Taylor-Bradley School District Point of Contact for COVID19

In an effort to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus within our staff and student body, we are asking all parent/guardians, of students who will be in attendance on-site, and all employees to notify our designated Point of Contact immediately when the following occurs:
*Someone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19.
*Someone in the household has been identified as a Close Contact to a positive case of COVID-19 and is requiring quarantine and/or recommended to be tested for COVID-19.
*Student attending on-site and employees who are being tested for COVID-19.  Students/staff should remain in quarantine pending results of their COVID-19 test.
Please contact the school nurse at the school your child attends - Renee Willis @ Emerson 870-626-3306, Angela Kelner @ Bradley 870-3292 or call Wendy Lucy, RN at 870-626-3304, or email information to [email protected].  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  Together we can help keep our Emerson-Taylor-Bradley School District family safe, healthy, and ready to learn during this unique time.